Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Sevices

Together, with the help of our very own Wealth Management Services (WMS) we deliver a suite of strategically managed investment solutions customized to help you achieve your current and future financial needs and objectives. Wealth Management Services is a sophisticated platform through our Broker Dealer (MMLIS) that enables you to diversify your portfolio among third-party professional money managers1, as well as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


Available Investments

• Separately managed accounts (SMAs), fund strategist providers,

mutual funds, ETFs


• Customized asset allocation strategies

• Access to a diverse roster of pre-screened investment options1

• Personalized, professional advice from your IA-Rep

• Tax-loss harvesting (available with SMAs)

• Ability to assign limited discretion to your IA-Rep

• Quarterly performance reports

• One consolidated asset-based fee

Account Minimum

• $25,000 (subject to investment management minimums,

which may be higher)