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Who I Am

I am a financial advisor who operates a financial advisory practice based out of my East Hills, NY office. I'm also available in my other office locations of New York City and Brooklyn, NY. Over my 14 plus years of experience in the financial industry, I have been blessed to have formed lifelong relationships with my clients by understanding their unique financial needs, implementing a recommendation in their best interests and providing ongoing service and advice. I have been fortunate that as my practice has grown I have successfully built a supporting staff to help provide outstanding service and continued support and guidance to my client base.  My commitment and love for this business has propelled me to attaining numerous financial industry designations, becoming a Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier and a 11X Leader’s Conference Qualifier (2011-2016, MetLife) (2017-Present, MassMutual). I value my achievements because it is a testament to the way I run my practice and the ability for me to provide the highest quality of financial advice and service for my clients.  

What I Do

Insurance Planning- Protect yourself and your loved ones through life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance.

Retirement Planning/Estate Conservation Strategies- Strategies to help safeguard assets and provide guaranteed income for life. Techniques to help create, protect, and transfer your estate.

Investment Planning- Investing made easy through personalized wealth management and brokerage accounts to help build and preserve your savings.

Group Benefits- Helping business owners and organizations save money or enhance current plans offering a wide range of benefits that include voluntary and group life, disability, health and dental insurance as well as retirement plans.


Simply put, I help my clients plan for thier replacement of income needs due to a premature death, longevity risk of outliving savings and a sickness or injury that coudl derail a financial plan.  I also help my clients plan for their short, middle, and long term goals regarding their money and assets by protecting and growing what they have based on what they want to accomplish.

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Why Do Business With Me

What sets me apart from my competition is and has always been the Relationship and the Service offered. At the end of the day, product is product. Quite frankly, any advisor can sell you a financial product and there is certainly nothing special about that.  When you work with me my practice’s focal point is developing a long-term relationship as your trusted advisor, implementing a recommendation that is in your best interest and providing first class ongoing service. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility in becoming your financial advisor because it is a high honor and distinct privilege to look after one’s money and protect their financial future.  There is also a ripple effect where the decisions you make due to my recommendations impact the lives of your loved ones.  With that said, it is vital for me to do business with the right type of client that values this experience because of the time, energy and resources that my staff and I dedicate.

I truly love this business. It’s an incredible passion of mine to learn about my client’s circumstances and goals, educate them on their options, and deliver a tailored financial strategy that is in their best interest. There is no more rewarding feeling than when my client’s put their trust in me to be their “financial pointguard ”.  It’s quite humbling and it’s one of the main reasons why I do what I do each day. I trust that you will find working with me to be rewarding.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like a complimentary financial consultation. Thank you.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today”

-Benjamin Franklin